Tungsten Carbide Strip
  • Carbide inserts are suitable for cutting materials and non-metallic materials, also it can be applied to conventional, carbide inserts, semi-automatic lathe, automatic lathe and planning machine to work grooves and operate cutting, etc.
    Kente Carbide Company mainly produces Tungsten Carbide Strips & High Strength Braze Alloy Join Tungsten Carbide to Steel Bodies for particular applications. A significant portion of our business comes from manufacturing specialty and customized tungsten carbide strips. We do hope that can work with you to design the best material for actual applications & requirements.
    Not only to be a reliable supply source for standard tungsten carbide strips, We can also produce specialized tungsten carbide strips from engineering drawings and recommend the proper grade of carbide for a particular application. 

  • 1.High hardness
    2.Abrasion resistant
    3.High anti press strength
    4.Good chemical stability
    5.Good toughness
    6.Anti-deformation & deflection

  • 1. Suitable for making cast iron roll and high Ni-Cr roll shaping knife.
    2. For the production of stripper, stamping die, punch, electronic progressive die and other stamping die.
    3. Suitable for woodworking knife, paper cutter, wear-resistant tools. 
    4. It can be used for processing steel, stainless steel, titanium, nickel alloy and other materials.
    5. It can be used for processing non-ferrous and non-metallic composite castings, work pieces.
    6. Suitable for low speed cutting, high speed (high speed steel) cutting and intermittent cutting and other processing methods;