HSS Twist Drill Bit, 13pcs
  • Specification:
             -Material:4241 metal
             -Packing: Metal box
             -13 drill bits: 1/16inch(1.5mm), 5/64inch(2mm), 3/32inch(2.5mm), 7/64inch(3mm), 1/8inch(3.2mm), 9/64inch(3.5mm), 5/32inch(4mm), 11/64inch(4.5mm), 3/16inch(4.8mm), 13/64inch(5mm), 7/32inch(5.5mm), 15/64inch(6mm), 1/4inch(6.5mm)

  • -Drill bits are engineered with premium high-speed steel in a bright finish
    -General purpose HSS wire gauge straight shank jobber length bits
    -Each drill bit has a 118°split-point tip that's designed for general purpose applications
    -Drill bits drill exact-sized holes for tapping applications

  • -Ideal for use when non-fractional-sized holes are required
    -For automotive, maintenance and repair, portable drills and stationary drill press applications
    -Use in wood, metal and plastic etc
    -Suitable for most power tools,like Bosch GBM350RE,etc