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  • Carbide drilling insert is application for quarrying,tunneling, water well and construction. Our drilling inserts with NEW STYLE that added RIBS to both side ( front and back ) and bottom of inserts, which make assembly easier, positioning accuracy,weld full symmetry and high product quality, also processed by Heat and Refrigerating Treatment, are better suited to the modern industrial production.

  • 1.Long service life
    4.Use a wide range

  • 1.Linear shape - suitable for light rock drilling machine drilling rock is not high hardness, easy to repair grinding. 
    2.Cross, Type X - For applications with large impact jackhammers, fractured rock formations and highly abrasive formations are resistant to radial abrasion. 
    3.Ball toothed - In the case of a larger impact jackhammer, the applicability is better than the flaky inserts, drilling speed and life expectancy, more round hole.